*A Client is defined as someone who signs up for, takes out and pays for an insurance policy.

Why get an Insurance Broker?

There are many reasons you should get an insurance broker, but for many of you who have never had a broker you may wonder why you would want one. Here are 4 reasons:

1. They can get you the best cover - Insurance Brokers deal with many insurance companies. This means they can "shop around" for you and find you the cover that suits your needs.

2. It does not cost you more money - Insurance Brokers are paid via commissions on the products they sell. This means it won't cost you any more to go via a broker.

3. They have the experience - Brokers like EU Brokers have over 21 years experience in helping their customers get the right insurance. This experience can be helpful when navigating what can seem like a confusing world.

4. A Broker can help you understand - Insurance forms are long and detailed. They are also filled with confusing Jargon. A Broker can help you understand what your cover will do for you.